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What is Lensbank?

The purchase at [Lens Bank] is based on personal income from overseas and is assumed to be for the buyer’s own use. [Lens Bank] is a website operated in Singapore. After placing an order, it will be delivered to the orderer after official customs clearance in Korea.

Lensbank provides services by answering various inquiries such as orders, payments, and delivery in Korean.

※Contact lenses are medical devices. Please be sure to ask an ophthalmologist or expert to check them before ordering.
LENSBANK – The secret to Lensbank’s popularity
Since starting selling disposable contact lenses online, Lensbank has supplied the products to 4.6 million customers a year.
We will continue to work hard so that our customers can buy cheaper products with confidence.

Lensbank always maintains a large inventory so that we can ship products to customers faster.
We will do our best to meet customer needs with fast and accurate delivery.
You can expect to receive your order within 1-2 weeks on average.

Products ordered from Lens Bank can be received within 1-2 weeks (based on working days, excluding weekends and holidays).

※Astigmatism lenses and some colored lenses are produced to order and are not in stock, so the delivery time is about 1 to 4 weeks.

Lens quality
The products sold by Lensbank are all sold overseas and exported to all over the world. They are all genuine products, but the packaging is different.
For products sold overseas, we would like to inform you that the products we sell are not packaged in plastic packaging in lens cases.
We do not handle old stock or defective products that are close to their expiration date.

● Sales company
Lens Mode Pty Ltd
60 Alpine Avenue, Warehouse #01-A, Singapore 498815

● Lensbank Domestic Support Center
Customer inquiries: http://lensbank.com/contact/

Three pieces of data are required to order a lens.
※Please check the side of the contact lens case you are using.
Precautions for use
● Before purchasing contact lenses for personal income, please note the following.
Contact lenses are medical devices. Be sure to get an examination and prescription from an ophthalmologist or optician before purchasing.
Please observe the handling method, expiration date and wearing time, and use it correctly.
Get regular checkups as directed by your eye doctor.
If you feel anything unusual about your eyes, see your eye doctor.

● Please note the following points when purchasing with Lensbank personal income.
In the case of personal imports for personal use, Korean customs considers personal items under US$150 as tax-free.
Since the recognition of income is based on the premise that personal income is within the scope of self-use, transfer or sale to third parties is prohibited.