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Deal Expires 31 December 2025
lianhwa: Promo 47% off Sale
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About lianhwa
Starting from Dihua Street in 1951, lianhwa has gone through ten years of history. Through unremitting efforts and struggle, we have persisted amidst the tremendous changes and challenges in the industrial environment. Through unremitting efforts, lianhwa has occupied a place in Taiwan’s food industry, but I believe that the current results are the cornerstone for lianhwa to continue to ride the waves and challenge the future. Consumers’ trust and love for the company’s products are the driving force for Lianhwa’s continued operations. Product quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise’s survival. Only by striving for excellence in quality can we stand out in the fiercely competitive environment. lianhwa has a common vision of “creating value together, sharing benefits, and sharing happiness”. Looking forward to the future, lianhwa will serve the public with a more positive and caring attitude, create natural, safe and delicious products to give back to the society, and truly play the role of “taking from society and giving back to society”. the use of. ”

lianhwa shopping FAQ
What is the free shipping threshold for lianhwa?
You can enjoy free shipping with a single purchase of 799 yuan or more at lianhwa. If the price is less than 799 yuan, an additional shipping fee of 85 yuan will be charged. Currently, lianhwa has also launched delivery services to outlying islands. The distribution of outlying islands refers to the distribution between Taiwan’s main island and outer islands, currently only including Penghu and Kinmen areas. lianhwa’s free shipping offer is not applicable to outlying island deliveries. Overseas EMS shipment, no free shipping discount.

What are the rebates for joining lianhwa exclusive membership?
When ordering goods through lianhwa or customer service, you can accumulate 1 shopping point by spending 1 yuan, and 100 points can be exchanged for 1 yuan. Up to 20% of the total order amount can be deducted from each transaction. The shopping voucher is valid for 365 days, and you can make purchases at lianhwa within the validity period of the shopping voucher. At the same time, if you become an official website member one month before your birthday, you will enjoy a membership discount on birthday gifts on your birthday. Ordinary members whose total effective consumption total is less than 10,000 yuan within one year can enjoy a 50 yuan birthday gift certificate. VIP members who have a total effective consumption of more than 10,000 yuan within a year can enjoy an 88 yuan birthday gift voucher.

How to join lianhwa exclusive membership?
There are three ways to become a member of lianhwa: You can click on the member center in the upper right corner to join and become a member. You can join after entering the required information. Or add the product to the shopping cart, select logistics, payment, and delivery information, complete your first purchase, and you will become a formal member of lianhwa. Or you can also call the service hotline and customer service staff will help you join. Remind members that as long as you subscribe to event information and leave your Emil profile, the system will automatically send birthday shopping bonuses to the birthday star on your birthday.

Does lianhwa have any immediate product promotions?
Go to lianhwa to buy nuts, snacks, alcohol, health products, etc. lianhwa will provide various discounts. lianhwa launches special in-stock discounts, including 10% off on N items, 1 for free on clearance, 2 pieces of nuts, 15% off for 3 pieces of health food, 25% off for 3 pieces of Gaoji Food, etc. These offers can be found directly in the special offers section on lianhwa’s website at, no code required. For details, please visit

Can lianhwa discount codes be stacked?
cannot. Enter the promo code in the lianhwa shopping cart to enjoy the new discounted offers. But please note that the lianhwa promotional codes you have cannot be stacked. Only one card can be used at a time, and only once. Once used, it will be removed from your account. You can still choose to use other discount codes to shop at lianhwa.

Does lianhwa have a special section?
have. The special price section of lianhwa not only sells some out-of-season products, you can even find the best-selling products of lianhwa in the special price section and buy them at discounted prices, saving a lot of money. money. Quickly add your favorite products to your cart so you never miss a coupon code.

The quantity is also limited, using them can make your shopping more convenient and cheaper, you don’t need to pay the full price, just the discounted amount.